April Showers Bring Forth May Flowers


After March being so wild and unpredictable, here’s hoping April will be a little kinder to our bridal couples and we can head into a glorious spring, with Mother Nature revealing her colours and scents.

So having gone above and beyond for your March brides in such testing conditions now is the time to be asking for their vote, as we always say at Wedding Awards HQ don’t forget to email them once they’ve had a little chance to recover from their big day, a nice congratulations email or even a personalised card works wonders and you can drop the request in at the same time.


We have recently been asked why the various awards don’t share votes, to save you having to ask your clients to vote for you multiple times, the simple answer to that is data protection, especially with the new laws that have recently come into force. We have to take care of all the information we are given, both by your clients and yourselves. Sharing of this data is highly controlled and by sharing them amongst the various award bodies this would potentially leave the system open to abuse by less scrupulous individuals. We at the South West Wedding Awards never pass on details to 3rd parties, all information is retained in house for a limited time period and is purely for our records. Some of you entering may have noticed the new tick box that enables us to contact you, we have the same for the voting page, this means should there be any questions we are able to contact your client and clear them up.

The most common occurrence, that means we have to contact them, is when they give a glowing review but select 1’s as a score (1 being the lowest mark). When this disparity happens we ask the voter if these were the scores they meant to give or if they would like to revote giving the correct marks. Aren’t we nice to check 🙂 but it would help us if you can remind them that 10 is the highest mark they can give.


So we leave you on this rather dull Bank Holiday Monday hoping you’ve all had a few days to enjoy family time and of course eat lots of chocolate.


Love from all at Wedding Awards HQ x