A South West Wedding Award is a tremendous recognition for Customer Service Excellence. The awards are a People’s Choice so they directly reflect the sentiments of your customers about your business.

What does an award give your business?
  1. Promote your Success - Winning an award demonstrates the success and achievements of your business to your customers and other businesses
  2. Increase Sales - Being a winner or a finalist can boost sales. Evidence of trustworthy and reliable service encourages more clients by giving them a compelling reason to choose your business over others.
  3. New Partnerships – The Award creates opportunities with new suppliers by identifying your business as credible and trustworthy enough to consider aligning their own brand.
  4. Referral Business – Being an Award winner or Finalist is a fabulous endorsement for your existing customers and suppliers to refer to when recommending you.
  5. A night to remember – All finalists are invited to the South West Wedding County Gala Awards evening in January 2019.
  6. The South West Wedding Awards are brought to you from the organisers of the Westcountry Wedding Awards 2008-2014.