South West Wedding Awards 2018 – what a year


As we sit and type this, we’ve just launched the voting for 2019.

It’s giving us chance to reflect back on the 2018 Awards and all we can say is wow!

When we started the awards we had just 51 entries, last year saw almost 400 entries from the whole of the South West (that equates to an almost 600% increase for those who like numbers). Last year alone we had a 40% increase in entries from the previous year.

We’ve seen categories come and go, we’ve listened when you’ve asked for changes and implemented them where practical. The biggest change for the 2019 awards sees us carrying forward votes for the first time and a change in the scoring, giving clients a wider range of scores to choose from.

All this means more admin for the staff at Wedding HQ, with that in mind we ask that you read the emails that get sent out carefully, most of the information you will need is in them. Other questions can be answered by going to the How it Works page on the website. That said if you still can’t find the answer or you’re still a little unsure then please email and we will try and help you.

2019 looks like it’s going to be another amazing year and it is fantastic to see how the Wedding Industry as a whole is upping it’s game, in service, commitment, value for money and quality. The South West Wedding Awards are essentially a business awards, we are not (like some other awards) a popularity contest.

We often get asked to ask the judges “why didn’t I get through to the finals or win?” So here are a few things they tell us.

Client comments do count for a large portion of the judging, if you only asked the minimum of 5 clients to vote but you never mentioned leaving comments, then is it fair to expect the judges to gauge how good you are against someone who has taken time to ask 15 clients to vote and leave comments.

Perhaps they have some ‘minor’ criticisms they might think you were good and they were relatively happy but maybe they still felt you were a little pricey, or maybe you didn’t reply to their email as quickly as you could have, this could mean you had lower scores than others in your category.

But you’ve now read the comment and you are thinking well my clients say I’m the best so what am I doing wrong? Then we would have to say nothing on an operational level.

Now you are wondering so why did the other company beat me? I read the reviews they posted and they are so similar and our websites and marketing are the same standard? It could be their social media presence is stronger and more focused.

And then there is the big one is their mission statement is clearer and specific to them? Perhaps yours is vague or generic or reads like an essay. A mission statement briefly sets out the companies intent, it gives the customer confidence in your brand, knowing it is focused and driven, just saying “to be the best at what I do” is not necessarily enough.

As the Awards grow and standards increase the judging gets harder each year, this is why we have implemented a wider voting range this year. We may well bring in other criteria in future years but we will keep you informed as we carry on evolving the awards.

We are the longest running Wedding Industry awards in the country for a reason, our judging system has been used by many other industry awards (which if flattering as we are clearly getting things right) and we don’t plan on finishing any time soon.

On that note we would like to wish you a successful February, the month of love is upon us and we all know how busy that leaves us.

Warm wishes from Wedding HQ x